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Wooden Facades

Fatade din lemn

Wooden Facade


Dark Red Meranti

Standard name: Dark Red Meranti
Classification: Light Hardwood
Application: Boards, furniture, plywood, strips, doors, frames
Physical features:

  • Density (in air dry conditions) – 560-865 kg/m3 (on average 670 kg/m3)
  • Dilatation in tangential direction- 2.9-4.4%
  • Dilatation in radial direction- 1.1-2.1%

Mechanical features:

  • Static deflection (elasticity module) – 11,200-13,900 Mpa
  • Pressure strength:
    • Break module – 74-77 Mpa
    • Perpendicularly to fibre direction – 2.97-5.03 Mpa
    • Parallel to fibre direction – 39-52.90 Mpa
  • Shear strength – 8.0-11.40 Mpa
Dark Red MERANTI is suitable for processing, simple for cutting, drilling and planning leaving a smooth surface. It is also simple for solid connection with nails and screws, simple for maintenance with paint finishes, and simple for adhesion. One of the most important DRM features is great resistance and insulation character, the best in comparison with other wood types, such as pine, spruce, fir, and Hemlock. Artificially dried DRM is very stable wood and moves only little which is important for jointing purposes and for façade application. It also complies with all requirements for solidity at higher level than other jointing wood types.

Comparison of basic technical parameters:

Wood Max. Deflection (N/mm2) Elasticity module (N/mm2) Compression strength Parallel in the fibre direction (N/mm2) Deflection size upon impact (m) Resistance Dilation Wood processing
Dark Red Meranti 92 11400 52.9 0.74 resistant stabil good
Pine 89 10000 47.4 0.71 little resistance moderately stable good
Spruce 67 8100 36.1 0.51 little resistance - good
Fir 79 9800 42.3 0.64 little resistance - good
Hemlock 76 8000 41.3 0.56 little resistance stabil good

Note: Values specified in the table are measured at 12% wood moisture content.

Dark Red Meranti (DRM) originating in Malaysia is very recognized wood in Europe, in particular in Holland, Belgium, and England, where it gained reputation as the first class material suitable for the production of jointing products, for facades, doors, and windows. It has been used in Europe over 25 years, and it is therefore no surprise that architects and interior designers do not stop using this red-brown wood. DRM also has the advantage of common availability. It is commonly supplied in dried state, common for Europe 12-14%.
DRM types:
DRM contains approximately 12 types. For example Meranti Bukit, Nemesu and Seraya.

Note indication „only“ MERANTI – this wood contains a mixture of Ligh Red Meranti, Red Meranti and Dark Red Meranti. It is commonly cheaper than Dark Red Meranti DRM.

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